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Destination wedding at Disneyland de Paris

Welcome to the wonderful wedding world of Disneyland Paris

Living a fairy tale is what we all want, isn't it? Finding our Prince Charming, having the wedding of dreams and living happily ever after is what governs, most of the time, our imaginary of love. And today, our destination is Paris, the most romantic destination in the world! I was invited by Disneyland de Paris to discover the dependencies for weddings, engagement requests and pre-wedding essays for a perfect destination wedding in the land of Mickey. I loved the experience and discover that they are super well prepared to welcome the bride and groom and their guests.

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Is there any way you could get discouraged in a place like this?
… Don't get serious! Here I am and my Mary poppings ' bag, KKKK! You find everything inside it;-) Detail of Mickey's umbrella I won from them, amazing muchooooo!!!
Is there any way you don't? Too much amooo!
And she too, so no one gets jealous

What I liked most is that in the land of fairytales, anything is possible. And to fulfill all the wishes of the bride and groom, a team accompanies the couple from the beginning to the end of preparations. I spoke with some of them, who told me all the possibilities and emphasized the importance of having this partnership with a Brazilian Wedding Planner so that everything comes out according to the expectations of the bride and groom. After all, we are Brazilian wedding planners, who take care of everything as if we were a fairy godmother of modern times and we know what the Brazilian bride and groom really want for the big day.

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Have you ever thought about marrying that backdrop?
And they take care of all the details, literally!

I will try to summarize, because as I said it is really possible to do everything. Among the main options for weddings at Disneyland Paris are:

1-Ceremony and party at the Newport Bay Club, which is a charm and has decoration and maritime menu to give mouth water. This option is great for the most adventurous couples and who like to innovate!

2-Yes at the Hotel Disnleyland, which has an elegant Victorian décor, as if they were in a castle anyway. The menu, music, drinks and décor transports everyone to a perfect fairytale. I loved this option for the most classic bride and groom!

3-Having the beautiful castle (da Bela and the Beast) as a backdrop of your "yes" is also possible. Here, the party happens in the garden, look at that chic! The castle in the background becomes the perfect setting for a destination wedding that can be both day and night.

With my beloved Hostans.

And don't go there! Disneyland has a complete team of all services, from the buffet, through the decoration and live music, to photography and video. All with Disney quality that is indisputable. You can even have the princesses at your party!!!!

How about a wedding with vintage Ares?

And it was seeing this sea of options that they offer, that we from where we married we also decided to broaden our services. From now on, we will also organize wedding orders and pre-wedding essays in the Four Corners of the world. It is the quality where to marry you know at all times of your pre-wedding! who also loved?!

And everything so magical, that even rainbow comes out of nowhere!

It even has a video that they prepared to present the services:

See all the details of the services of where to marry in DISNEYLAND PARIS here!

And look how cool: It was just me posting a little little picture on Instagram that was in Paris, that the hotel Le Bistrol, also in the city Luz, sent me a message that wanted to know me very well and introduce me the dependencies of the hotel for weddings. That's where I went to finish my stay in France.

In the lobby of the hotel Le Bistrol
Look how beautiful the hotel's décor in the day-to-day

Dating back to 1925, the hotel is amazing. The décor is wonderful, the Palian climate and the top-premium service could not otherwise close my trip. I fell in love with everything-from the rococo decoration of the rooms to the kitten Fa-Raon, the most famous resident of the hotel. For weddings, there are countless halls and gardens for the party. The spa is mandatory stop for the bride's day, and even for guests who want to relax before or after the party.

The gastronomy is out of the series. The three Michelin stars Epicure, by chef Eric Frechon, is to be missed for the next 100 years. The hotel has a private florist, which takes care not only of the ambience of the hotel, but the rooms and the wedding party. Oh, and the kids are super welcome over there. A team specializing in recreation and a huge lounge with various activities promise to entertain them throughout the journey.

That basic tour of Paris before boarding!

Liked? I can't wait to find Mickey again.

Kisses and until next week,

Simone 😘


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